What People Are Saying Abut Senses Fine Dining

What People Are Saying About SENSES Fine Dining

We think we’ve created a truly wonderful culinary adventure here in Aruba, but don’t take our word for it! Below you can read what people are saying about SENSES Fine Dining – and these are all verified customer reviews posted on TripAdvisor. It’s also worth noting that that we have 27 reviews so far on TripAdvisor and they ALL gave us the top ranking of 5 bubbles! Here are 11 of those reviews we found particularly helpful in explaining what SENSES Fine Dining is all about:

“On Monday, my wife and I decided to try Senses. We were very happy we did. The theme is a tasting menu consisting of 6-8 courses, predetermined by chef Kelt. There are also wine pairings if one is interested. I went with the pairings while my wife decided on a glass of Chardonnay. Each course was inventive, utilizing different cooking techniques. One of My favorite was the lobster ravioli in a leek sauce. It was superb, filled with chunks of lobster. The cooking was such that you could taste every single ingredient in each of the courses. It was a great way to end our vacation. The coat of the dinner alone was $100. You might think this was a bit steep but I feel it was well worth the money. If this restaurant was in NYC, the price would be more than double. It’s worth a trip to Aruba just to dine at Senses.” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: Great new restaurant 

“Last night (Monday) was the 3rd night Bas and Kelt were open with their new restaurant Senses. We love food and really had to try it, normally I do not like to try new restaurants. When we came in, they welcomed us with a nice glass of prosecco and introduced themselves. Bas, he is the Maitre, is very knowledgeable about the wines and paired them perfectly with the food Kelt prepared for us. The pictures show what we got, he uses different cooking techniques (he made a powder of bacon and sous vide preparations). Since they are new, we understand that they are still working on their routine but we were impressed with our dining experience so, we decided to make a reservation for April again. Looking forward trying new dishes and wines.” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: One of our new favorite restaurants on Aruba

“4 of us dined at Senses 2 weeks ago. We have all dined at the other restaurants on the island that do 5 courses & wine pairings & we all appreciate good food. Senses was slightly different due to the fact that Chef Kelt explained how (in brief details) he prepared each item. Being a “foodie”, I greatly appreciated the time & effort put into every dish. The wine pairings were spot on! If you enjoy really good gourmet food, you will enjoy your evening at Senses. This is not an inexpensive meal but worth every penny. We plan on returning any time we return to Aruba. We were able to easily get reservations because it had only been open a few weeks. We anticipate having to call many months in advance the next time we visit as word will spread how very good the entire experience is here. Our new favorite restaurant in Aruba.” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: Fabulous dining experience

“8-course culinary explosions which will tantalize your senses. Each course is introduced by the chef himself, elaborating on the techniques and ingredients used. Wine pairing is optional but highly recommended. The host/bartender/sommolier/waiter entertains with funny and friendly chitchat whilst being knowledgeable and personable. The restaurant is stylish, yet it feels very cosy with its open kitchen. It almost feels like being at home with your mom preparing dinner. The quality products, the creative presentation, the well-chosen dishes make for an outstanding intimate culinary feast which will tantalize your senses.” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: Outstanding intimate culinary feast

“Senses is the latest in chef driven menus/restaurants in Aruba. We’ve been to the others in Aruba several times and this is another winner. Food was both very creative and tasteful. We enjoy being surprised with new courses and combinations of food that we would have never thought of – an incredible evening for the tastebuds!. They only seat 16 people per night so it’s imperative to make reservations well in advance. Fun night meeting and talking to the other guests between courses discussing the food and the wine, too. If you love food and trying new creative dishes this is your place!” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: A Culinary Feast!

“We are here while staying at Bucuti and lucked out because they just opened and we could easily get a reservation. This won’t last once the word gets out. This is a tasting menu concept like Carte Blanche. Kelt is the chef and the time and effort put into his cooking showed in the final result. Every dish was better than the one before. There was a red snapper dish with olive tapenade that was fantastic. The lobster ravioli (pictured) was the best. The chicken dish (also pictured was amazing. The chocolate mousse was so good as was the berry dessert (pictured). We left not feeling stuffed but pleasantly full. We don’t drink so I can’t comment on the wine, but Sebastian certainly seemed to know what he was doing. This was one of the best overall dinners I’ve had. Highly recommended!” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: Excellent food and an enjoyable evening

“We had a fabulous experience at Senses during our stay in Aruba. It’s a tasting experience of 5-8 courses, available for only 16 guests each evening. We have a number of dietary restrictions, and when we reached out to explain prior to reserving, we were pretty sure they would be unable to accommodate us, but we were dead wrong! For the courses that needed adjustment, we were as delighted with our creations as the other guests were with theirs. When we arrived, we were greeted by Sebastian, our delightful and attentive host. After we were seated at the circular bar to enjoy our own private cooking show, we met Chef Kelt, a culinary artist extraordinaire. Every dish gets close attention, and he takes meticulous care to ensure the look and taste are exceptional. Everything was delicious, especially the truly unique desserts! We will return any time we visit Aruba. Worth every cent!” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: Far surpassed our expectations!

“First time I have ever experienced this type of dining experience and my wife and I had a fantastic time. Bas Kruisselbrink and Kelt Hugo Maat did an excellent job entertaining us and preparing our delicious 8 course meal. The wine pairing was excellent also. It is just a unique experience and one that we will repeat the next time we go to Aruba.” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: A unique and fun experience!

“Each bite brought another gasp of amazement. The 8 courses were perfectly paired with wine from across the globe. This was our first ‘table’ experience, but the bar has been set tremendously high. Chef Kelt and host Bas are approachable and genuine. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, make this a must on your visit to Aruba.” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: A-Maz-Ing!. Wow!

“Great dining experience. Food and wine pairings were excellent. The food preparation and presentation were excellent. It was absolutely amazing what you can do with bacon, absolutely amazing. The wine pairings were well matched to each course. Like most all good restaurants you will need a reservation. We’ve done Kitchen by White on a previous trip and found Senses to be an equal or slightly better dining experience.” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: Excellent Fine Dining

“On our annual trek to the world’s most beautiful beach in Aruba, we always take a night out for a special treat, dinner at the tasting menu restaurant at Bucuti Beach Resort. This trip, we found that the Carte Blanche restaurant had moved from this venue and had been replaced by Senses Fine Dining restaurant. Executive Chef Kelt Hugo Maat and Maitre D` Bas (Sebastian) Kruisselbrink have continued the model created by Carte Blanche Chef Dennis and Maitre D’ Glen in the same space, serving only a limited number of guests at each seating at a bar surrounding and overlooking the kitchen for a very personal, face-to-face experience. A tasting menu of 5 to 8 courses (explained as 5 traditional courses plus some extras) is prepared while the guests watch and try to guess what is involved. The Chef then explains each course in detail after the food is placed in front of you and the Maitre D’ describes the accompanying wine (if you elect the wine pairing).

Although this restaurant is only 3 weeks old, we knew we were in for an interesting experience when, after being welcomed with a glass of Prosecco, we were presented with an amuse bouche consisting of a large, perfectly spherical ‘cherry’ that had been created by enveloping a ‘marble’ of foie gras in a coating of cherry gelatin. “How does he do that?” was heard from most of the guests. Our mouths were very amused by the unexpected textures and wonderful flavors!

Our first course of local red snapper had been prepared sous vide with a layer of olive tamponade replacing the skin, and the rendered and dried skin was added back to the composition as a crispy ‘chip’. The pairing with a Salvestrin Napa valley Sauvignon Blanc was delightful. The second course of lobster ravioli was plated over cubes of fennel root topped with a creamy chardonnay sauce, decorated with fennel blossoms, dill, and nasturtiums, and paired well with a 2015 Napa Valley chardonnay from Rutherford Ranch. A complex roll of chicken meat with pistachio nuts was cooked to perfection sous vide and topped with a glistening, extreme reduction of chicken stock, and accompanied by a small pile of ‘snow’ sprinkled with spinach leaves. The ‘snow’ turned out to be a pure white concoction of desiccated and powdered bacon!

After this delight we were given a granité au citron palate cleanser and invited to take a break.

Once again the Chef’s skill with sous vide cooking emerged with melt-in-your-mouth short ribs plated over fingerling potatoes in a bed of puréed peas, lapped with a beef bone reduction sauce and accompanied by a 2014 Melée Granache red from Tuck Beckstoffer of Oakville California. The desert course was actually two; a flower pot filled with intense chocolate mousse and a berry mousse ‘doughnut’ decorated with a desiccated strawberry ‘chip’, berries and flowers. Both were paired with a Taylor Fladgate First Estate Reserve Porto.

Overall, the food reflected that modern blend of traditional French cooking (e.g., hours long reductions for sauces) combined with the newest ‘molecular’ methods of cooking (e.g., sous vide and freeze drying) to tickle all your senses, not just your taste buds. Perhaps that’s why the restaurant is called SENSES? For a three-week-old restaurant, this one tasted like success, so reservations will become harder to get quickly as its reputation becomes viral. The meal was unhurried, with plenty of time to talk to other guests and the Chef and his Maitre D’. Although I am sure I have forgotten some details and misidentified some components because the menu is not published, I and my companions left with very full stomachs, totally sated palates, and plans to do it all over again next year!” Link to original review on TripAdvisor: New Challenger for Best Tasting Menu Restaurant on Aruba!

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