1. Policies
    1. Doors open at 7 pm and we appreciate on-time arrivals.
    2. We encourage you to take pictures during your dining experience to share with your social media networks!
    3. We only serve ages 18+ due to resort rules.
    4. Dietary Considerations: Please note that while we are happy to accommodate vegetarians and pescatarians (those who eat fish but not other meat), we are not able to accommodate those who require a vegan or dairy-free diet. If you have food allergies, please tell us about them during the booking process and we will do our best to work around them!
    5. Booking During your booking you will see the total value of our dinner but you will no be requested to pay in advanced. But up on arrival.
    6. Due to our the nature of our fine dining cuisine we highly appreciate you showing to your reservation or cancelling before 24 hours of your reservation date.
    7. Do not come in drunk, we love you having a good time but coming drunk would result in unpleasure night for you and the rest of the guest on tat evening.