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Wine Profile: Brunello di Montalcino 2012 by Casanova di Neri

When you want the absolute best experience of SENSES Fine Dining, we strongly recommend that you add on the wine pairing option to your reservation. When you have the perfect wine to complement each dish, your meal goes from just amazing to pure magic. We put a considerable amount of time and effort into crafting […]

What People Are Saying About SENSES Fine Dining

We think we’ve created a truly wonderful culinary adventure here in Aruba, but don’t take our word for it! Below you can read what people are saying about SENSES Fine Dining – and these are all verified customer reviews posted on TripAdvisor. It’s also worth noting that that we have 27 reviews so far on […]

Sourcing Ingredients at SENSES Fine Dining

Executive Chef Kelt Hugo Maat is happiest when he can utilize fresh ingredients as he exercises his unique culinary expertise. But what’s a chef to do when there are very few local farms? This is the case in Aruba, where local agricultural efforts are few and far between. In spite of this challenge, Chef Kelt still […]

How SENSES Fine Dining Delights All Your Senses

When Executive Chef Kelt Hugo Maat and Maître D’ Bas Kruisselbrink were developing their concept of a fine dining experience, they had one simple goal in mind: To create an experience that would truly delight the senses of guests. It dawned on them that SENSES would therefore be the perfect name for their restaurant located in […]