Although a menu page would typically list all the different dishes you can order at a restaurant, dining at SENSES is not a typical meal out. We put an enormous amount of time, effort and creativity into crafting a different kind of dining experience.

It begins with the location of our restaurant. Because we are aiming for the finest dining experience possible, we are pleased to be located in the world-class, award-winning Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort.

Dining at SENSES is an exclusive affair for a limited number of guests to enjoy custom-prepared cuisine crafted by a private chef. We ask that you refrain from bringing mobile phones or other electronic devices into the restaurant. We don’t want you to be distracted during this unique experience. Please also note that we do not serve children.

Because of the exclusive nature of dining at SENSES, you will be required to pay a reservation fee of $40 per person to hold your space during a seating with a maximum of 16 guests. The price we charge for our 5-8 course dinner experience at SENSES is $100 per person, and the $40 booking fee will be deducted from that price on the final bill. Please note that you can upgrade your SENSES experience with wine pairings for an additional fee of $79 per person. We also make available a selection of cocktails, beers and wines by the bottle.

During your journey through SENSES, everything you see, smell, taste, hear and touch will be of the highest quality. The cuisine at SENSES emerges from a solid foundation of classic French techniques enhanced by Dutch, Norwegian and Indonesian influences in an innovative approach that transforms classic dishes into new creations. Our focus is on organic ingredients locally-grown when possible, and some of the herbs and microgreens we use are grown on-site in a high-tech indoor garden. With passion and respect for the integrity of the ingredients, we carefully craft dishes that surprise and delight the palates of discerning guests.

We strongly recommend you take advantage of wine pairings to complement each course of your dining experience. We have taken the time to carefully source wines from artisan wine-makers around the globe who share our passion for excellence while respecting the land.

If anyone in your party has any dietary restrictions or food allergies, please let us know in advance to find out if we can accommodate them.

Finally, please plan on enjoying your meal for at least three hours – we don’t want you to rush through this kind of unique dining experience.

We look forward to delighting all of your senses at SENSES.